We are now open for business with social distancing and hygiene measures in place, masks must be worn unless you are exempt. The number of people in the shop will be restricted to ensure the safety of customers and staff. For customers that require more time please book an appointment either by phone on call 01634 850058 or email email. For general counter sales a queuing system will be in place outside the shop. Please note our opening times have changed temporarily, please click here

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Instrument Set-up,
Re-string and Repair Centre

Here at Strum & Bass, we offer servicing on acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, saxophones and clarinets and a variety of others, so please contact us.

Our most popular service is a basic guitar re-string (price starting at £20) which we can usually do the same day. We also provide guitar set-ups and minor repairs such as jack input sockets, nut and bridge saddle replacements and soldering.

Re-String Options

Restring Image

A simple restring is the cheapest way to make your instrument sound and feel better, but we can also provide the following extra services at a small additional cost:

  • Coated Strings: Instead of standard strings we will use Nanoweb coated strings which provide 3-5 times the tone life of normal strings and also a much better feel with reduced finger squeak.
  • Polish + Oiling: We will scrub, clean and polish your instrument to the best of our abilities and apply lemon oil to the fingerboard to clean and hydrate the wood.
  • Fret Polish: We will polish up old rusty frets so that they're shiny and sparkling like new.
  • Intonation Adjustment: We will check for good tuning when playing up the neck and adjust where neccessary.

Guitar Orphanage

Guitar Orphanage

We are a very caring bunch of people here at Strum & Bass. We never like to see a poor guitar, used & abused or neglected. So, us charitable lot, have set up the guitar orphanage!

Do you have a guitar at home that has been sentenced to a life of loneliness in the attic? A forgotten guitar underneath the bed? Well bring it in to Strum & Bass and get some money for it!

We welcome them with open arms, give them a health check and make them feel as good as new and ready for new owners!

Services We Offer

  • General Clean and polish
  • Intonation Checks
  • Action Adjustment
  • Single String Change
  • Full String Change
  • Strap Button/lock Fitting
  • Jack Input Replacement or Repair
  • Machine Head Repair/Replacement
  • Bridge Saddle Replacement
  • Nut Replacement

Lots of Pre-owned Instruments Now in Stock

Pre-owned guitars, keyboards, amps, pianos and accessories are now in stock. Some real bargains to be had!

See our Pre-owned Instruments section for more details.