We are currently working on the website to make changes to products we stock and prices, where listed. Please phone on 01634 850058 or email us before making a special trip if there is something particular you have seen on the site, just in case we no longer stock it.

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We stock a wide range of guitars that cover two walls of our shop. We cater for complete beginners or the experienced player as our prices range from around £69.99 up to around £900.00.

Acoustic Guitars

Product Image Acoustic Guitars

We stock acoustic guitars from various brands such as Yamaha, Simon & Patrick, Vintage, Brunswick, SX, Takamine, Tanglewood, Faith, Cort, Lag, Aria and more.*

Electro Acoustic Guitars

Product Image Electro Acoustic Guitars

We stock a good range of Electro Acoustic Guitars in all the popular shapes and colours. Prices range from £149 to £700+. The guitars we stock are mixed in amongst our range of acoustic guitars covering two walls of the shop.

All of our electros are tried, tested and set-up to ensure the best playability. Come in and have a go!

Electric Guitars

Product Image Electric Guitars

We have one of our largest sections of wall dedicated to just electric guitars in various shapes, styles and colours.

We stock guitars from the likes of Yamaha, Vintage, Michael Kelly , Schecter, Peavey, Aria, Alden, Revelation, Cort, Hagstrom, Ibanez and many more.* We cater for the complete beginner or the experienced guitarist with prices starting from as little as £109 (or even lower if we have pre-owned stock) up to around £700+

Bass Guitars

Product Image Bass Guitars

We couldn't be called Strum & Bass without stocking bass guitars! So we like to keep a nice selection from the likes of Aria, Yamaha, Alden, Vintage, Stagg, Hofner, Cort and Sub by Musicman.* Prices start at around £149 for a good quality easily playable bass guitar and go up from there.

Guitar Effects

Product Image Guitar Effects

We primarily stock BOSS and Roland compact and multi effects pedals but also the popular Mooer and Blackstar compacts and valve driven pedals. These include Stage Tuners, Loop Stations, Distortions and Overdrives.*

We sell accessories for pedals such as:

  • Boards and cases to carry your pedals
  • Power supplies and power "daisy chains"
  • Jack to Jack patch cables to go in-between your pedals
  • 9v Batteries


Product Image Ukuleles

With the number of people taking up the ukulele and the current hype around this fun instrument we thought that it'd be a good idea to keep a wide range of them! We sell Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes with prices as little as £19.99.

All members of staff here love the uke and we're more than happy to demonstrate the different sounds between the makes and models. Just ask either Cliff, Alby or Matt for assistance.

We sell a variety of accessories for the ukulele including:

  • Bags and hardcases
  • Felt, plastic or leather plectrums
  • Chromatic Tuners (Snark)
  • Tuition and songbooks/DVDs

Drums and Cymbals

Drum Kits

Product Image Drums and Cymbals

Not many places cater for drummers around the Medway or Maidstone area so we try and fit as much drum related products into our shop as possible! We stock New kits by Mapex and Tama and Second Hand kits from time to time to suit most budgets.*

Electric Drum Kits

For those that find normal acoustic drum kits too loud to practice on, electric kits can be a good alternative. As headphones can be used electric kits are virtually silent compared to the real thing! But, when needed, they can be amplified using a P.A system or suitable amplifier and they're immensely good fun when trying out the different Synth, Ethnic and Drum 'n Bass sounds.


We stock a range of Crash, Ride, Hi-Hat, and effects cymbals by Sabian, Meinl and Stagg. We also sometimes have Pre-Owned stock of other brands such as Zildjian and Paiste.*


We keep a range of the commonly used stands, extension arms and clamps by Dixon. This also includes bass drum pedals and double bass pedals. We often keep pre-owned Pearl/Mapex stands too.*

Sticks, Drumheads and other accessories

Product Image Drums and Cymbals

All drummers get through their fair share of drumsticks over the years so we like to keep a good range of Vic Firth, Sonor, Stagg and Pro-Mark sticks in a variety of types. We also have a display of Remo and Evans Drumheads at the front of the shop along with a large display covered with small accessories.


Product Image Amplification

Whether it's for home use or to perform onstage we've got you covered for amplification. We've got budget practice amps starting from as little as £49.99 as well as powerful all valve gigging heads and combos with prices up to £800

We stock amps for electric, bass and electro acoustic guitars as well as some that can take microphones, electric drum kits and keyboards.

The brands we stock are Blackstar, Roland, Stagg, Yamaha, Boss Katana, Laney and Trace Elliot.* Either Cliff, Alby or Matt can demonstrate amplifiers and talk you through the different features of all the models we keep in stock.

All of our amplifiers can be used in conjunction with effects units that we also sell in our shop.

Product Image Amplification and Guitar Effects

Violins, Woodwind and Folk Instruments


Our selection of violins range from £99 to over £250. Stentor and Hidersine are the main brands that we stock with student models in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Occasionally we may have pre-owned stock of the smaller sizes as students trade in the smaller sizes when they upgrade to the bigger ones. The violins that we sell are part of complete outfits that include the case, bow and rosin.

Saxophones, Flutes and Clarinets

Product Saxophones

We stock student instruments and occasionally pre-owned instruments of higher quality at very reasonable prices.

Mandolins and Banjos

We generally keep budget models of mandolins and banjos that are suitable for beginners. These are reasonably priced models that are very playable and good to learn on.

Electronic Keyboards

Product Image Electronic Keyboards

At the front of the shop is our selection of electronic keyboards. Yamaha is the main brand we sell, but occasionally we may have pre-owned stock of other makes.

Keyboard technology has come a long way over the years and now many models have computer connectivity and recording capabilities. Here at Strum & Bass we sell a variety of models from the most recent Yamaha PSR Range. Prices range from £115 to just under £400 and occasionally we may have Pre-Owned stock that exceeds that. Typically the more expensive models will have added features and more authentic sounds.

Other things you may need with your keyboard

Kawai Digital Pianos

Product ImageKawai Digital Piano KCP80
"Kent's main Kawai digital piano stockist"

Visit our Store to see our display of Kawai digital pianos. They're a great alternative to acoustic pianos in many ways. First and foremost they can be used with headphones and are virtually silent in your home. Of course the inbuilt speakers can be used too, and the quality of sound and volume is remarkable. They also don't require tuning and are much easier to move than acoustic pianos. Most models also feature a handful of alternative voices such as realistic string, church organ and choir sounds and some even boast recording facilities and computer connectivity.

With prices ranging from £389, higher models tend to have more authentic sounds and some feature extremely fine details that make them almost indistinguishable from acoustic pianos in terms of sound, feel and playability.

Better than internet price and service! We sell at the cheapest UK price including assembly and delivery.

Kawai Website Link

Sheet Music & Books

Here at Strum & Bass we keep Medway's largest selection of music books and sheet music. We have tuition and songbooks for all popular instruments and cater for students taking part in ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, LCM, RGT and Rockschool exams. Our music browsers cover two large sections of the shop so we keep a lot of the most popular titles, but on the occasion when we're out of stock, we can order books in especially.

Another service that our customers find useful is our sheet music printing service where we can print single pieces for you while you wait. We can even change the key of pieces to make them easier to play or to sing to.

Product Sheet Music & Books

Pre-Owned Stock

We have a large stock of pre-owned musical instruments, amplifiers and accessories. The stock is always changing so make sure you pop in regularly to grab bargains before they're snapped up!

All our used gear is cleaned, serviced and set-up before resale.

Below are some examples of past items but stock comes and goes quick so please contact us for current stock lists.

Pre-Owned Stock Catalogue page 1

or download the pre-owned stock PDF